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Special Occasions

Balloontastic Designs offers balloon decor for any occasion and is able to match the theme or colors of the events. Here are some of the events we frequently create balloon decor for:

  • Baby Showers

    Balloons are a great addition to any baby shower by highlighting the gender or theme of the celebration.

  • Birthdays

    From kid’s parties to adult birthdays, we have many designs available for both.

  • Weddings

    We offer professional balloon designs and decor that will create a lasting memoral experience for that special day.

  • Graduation

    Emphasize any graduation with bouquet of balloons and decorate the party after with our balloon designs.

  • Anniversaries

    Surprise that special someone with balloons. We can create many balloon designs for each anniversary whether it's a spouse or special relationship.

  • Holidays

    From Valentine's Day to Christmas, Balloontastic Designs loves to create designs for holidays.

Types of Balloon Decor

Whether you're planning a wedding or kid's birthday, Balloontastic Designs has decor and designs to match.

  • Classic Decor

    If you are looking for decor with a consistent style, classic decor would be the best style. Balloons are setup to follow a specific pattern and would be more structured.

  • Organic Decor

    If you want your balloons to follow the design that you would find in nature, Organic style will match exactly that. Balloons would be stringed in a unique design or could be used as a backdrop.

  • Personalized

    When you need to display the name of the person the event is for, personalized balloons would accomplish just that. We can create a personalized balloon with their name or spell out their name using letter shaped balloons.

Decor Examples

  • Arches

    Arch Design

    Arches are a perfect decoration for entrances. The guests will quickly be able to spot where to enter the party location when they see a huge balloon arch. We can also setup multiple arches as well that guests can walk under to enhance a larger space.

  • Columns

    Column Design

    Columns are a great corner piece for any party and can also be used to direct the design to the designated spot. From simple to more elaborate, columns are used in many balloon designs.

  • Bouquets

    Bouquet Design

    Bouquets can highlight many areas such as the food table or where gifts would go. We can even create bouquets that are delivered for birthdays, graduations, baby showers, and anniversaries.

  • Centerpieces

    Centerpiece Design

    Centerpieces are awesome to use for designating the tables where guests would be seated. Our centerpieces are designed to enhance the theme and to not distract the guests view with others who may be seated at their table.

Let Balloontastic Designs handle the balloon decor

Balloon Design of Frozen theme using an Olaf and Elsa balloon on top of a number 3 balloon

From a small order of helium balloons to an all-out combination of arches, centerpieces and columns, Balloontastic Designs is determined to take care of the balloon decorations for you and can eliminate the stress of balloon decorating so you can focus on other aspects of your event.

Every event should have balloons and using our professional quality balloons as well as our professional balloon artists, Balloontastic Designs can take the balloons to the next level so that your event will be a memorable one.

Have an idea in mind for a custom balloon design in your next event? Balloontastic Designs would love to hear about it and would love to create the design for you.

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