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Balloon Care

Balloons Outdoors

When balloons are put outdoors, they are subjected to harsh conditions such as variable temperatures, sunlight, and wind. Sunlight and wind can cause balloons to appear frosted in appearance, which is completely normal. Temperature changes can change the size of the balloons. When we know that balloons will be put outside, we prep them a specific way based on how the weather will be outside, but sometimes the outside conditions will be out of our control and the balloons may behave unexpectedly.

Balloons Indoors

Indoor conditions with a normal climate are the most ideal conditions for balloons. Air filled balloon designs that remain indoors can last for weeks. Helium filled designs will benefit from being indoors and should last the normal lifetime.

Balloons on the ceiling

If your ceilings are textured or they are popcorn ceilings, we don't recommend allowing helium balloons to float to the ceiling since it could cause them to burst.

General Care

Balloons have a negative reaction to sharp objects, friction, extreme heat and/or extreme pressure. Static electricity can also sometimes cause balloons to burst if it strikes in the right spot. We only use quality balloons that can resist gently handling them so they should stay looking great for your event.