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About Us


We work hard researching new designs and keeping up with the quality of the products we offer so the only surprises are positive ones. Our business is part of QBN (Qualatex Balloon Network) which is a program for serious businesses in the balloon decorating industry.

At Balloontastic Designs, we take quality seriously. While our competition may use cheaper balloons and may take shortcuts for a profit, Balloontastic Designs strives to outshine our competition by using quality balloons that have been tested and researched by our experts. We love using balloons that have bold colors and can hold up when turned into amazing designs.


Balloontastic Designs is a small business located in Jasper, GA. Our primary goal is to create quality balloon designs and decor for many different events and parties. We have been creating balloon designs for a few years for many different events, and we love how surprised our customers are when they see the amazing designs that can be created with balloons. We try our hardest to make our balloons complete the event or theme.