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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order your balloons?

You can fill out the contact form and let us know what event you're planning as well as the balloon designs you are looking for. One of our professional balloon artists will follow up on your request to go over the details with your desired designs and to schedule a date to deliver or setup the designs.

What is hi-float?

Hi-float is a product that we use to coat the inside of the balloon to significantly reduce the amount of helium that naturally escapes from latex balloons. You can request us to not add hi-float to the balloons, but float time will be reduced without it.

How long will my latex helium balloons float?

We normally treat most of our latex balloons with hi-float to increase the float time. Float times are also affected by temperature and exposure to sunlight and outside wind. The table below shows estimated indoor float times:

Balloon SizeTime with hi-floatTime without hi-float
11"2 - 5 days16 - 24 hours
16"3 - 7 days24 - 48 hours
3'1 - 3 weeks3 - 5 days

Why do balloons shrink and stop floating after a certain period?

When a balloon is inflated, the latex is stretched out causing tiny pores to open up which allows gases that are inside the balloon to escape at a very slow rate. Helium is a small molecule so it will escape at a faster rate than oxygen or nitrogen.

It's true that the smaller a balloon gets; the pores will also be smaller which in turn reduces the rate a gas would escape. For helium balloons, the balloon must be filled to a certain size for it float so the balloon ends up weighing more than the helium left to force it upward and consequently the balloon will sink instead.

How far in advance should I setup an order?

The farther in advance the event is, the better chance of getting the desired designs setup. If your order has any custom designs, there is some time needed to plan out how your designs will be assembled and transported to your event. We recommend at least 2 weeks of time to ensure all the details are worked out.

I bought some balloons from somewhere else, can you fill them for me?

We can fill mylar balloons if they are in good condition and from a reputable brand, and we will charge our standard pricing to fill them based on their size. Because of varying quality of latex balloons, we are not able to fill these if they are bought from somewhere else. We highly recommend using our latex balloons since they are top quality and are stored in climate-controlled conditions so they will look the best and have the best performance.

Are you able to remove the decor after the event?

Yes, just let us know and we can add this service. It includes removing and cleaning up all of the balloon decor, designs, and any framework that was setup by us.

How environmentally friendly are your balloons?

We strive to use latex balloons as much as possible since they are made of natural rubber and are 100% biodegradable. Other balloon materials such as mylar balloons or plastic balloons are not biodegradable.

Should I release the balloons outdoors?

Please do not release any balloons outdoors. Mylar balloons are not biodegradable and will eventually fall back down to earth. Both latex and mylar could also become tangled in power lines causing widespread power outages. In some states, there is even a balloon law which regulates how balloons should be tethered because of balloons being released in the past. Balloontastic Designs wants to prevent further laws being created on balloons, so we don't offer any outdoor balloon release services.

Are your balloons dangerous?

There are a few items to understand with our balloons. Just like with a lot of products, we recommend supervising small children when they are around any balloons as there are times, such as putting balloons in their mouth, where they could become a choking hazard.

We use quality latex balloons in a lot of our designs, but if there is someone with a latex allergy, we recommend them to not come in contact with any of the latex balloons as this could cause a reaction.

With our helium designs, the helium in the balloons is not flammable, but it is also never safe to inhale since it will greatly displace the oxygen.

Please note that while we take extra precautions to greatly prevent any injuries with setting up our balloon designs, we take no responsibility with any injuries or death that might result from mis-using our balloons.